Cool Puzzle V0.9.6.1.a

(c) 1996, 1997 Adrian Turtschi


In 1998/1999, I have created a multi player networked version of this game, but I'm not currently hosting it anywhere.

Use standard arrow keys.

Use standard arrow keys (sorry, the mouse won't work here).

Characteristica of this applet:

  1. Shows how to work with top level windows (called frames in Java jargon)
  2. Shows complex event handling
  3. Shows how to work with graphics
  4. Shows how to add/remove components

Source Code

The applet has the following four classes:

All four classes, as listed below, in one downloadable file.

main routine: initialization; selection

custom frame

graphing; keyboard and mouse event handling

"success" window


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Adrian Turtschi, Feb. 2001 (Applet created 1996/1997; page created November 1997, and revised April 1998)